with malice towards none (labelmegarbage) wrote in bitterlysingle,
with malice towards none

The first official post. Don't you just lurve the bg?

OK sure it's a bit happy but when I feel like I'm in an angry crazy crap mood I'll put and angry destructive looking layout. If anyone ever finds this community. I really hope it spreads tho. So those of you who actually see this pleaseeeee join. This community is'nt only dedicated to the whole OMG HES SUCH A JERK!! You can talk about past relationships or wht happned between you and a person you liked. Whether if the relationship turned out well or not. Please no bashing other members in teh community. Please be polite and couteous to other members.


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And your avatar is just perfect for this community. ;)
Yay for being single and bitchy!!
Senny's under the influence.