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Bitchy and Bitter

because sometimes the opposite sex just plain SUCKS

Bitchy and bitter
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All Members , Moderated
- An outlet to talk about how sometimes life just won't go the way you want it to with that person whom you like. You can rant, vent, bitch, cry, complain, or just post about the opposite sex. Or possibly in some cases the same sex. ;)

Who can join?
-Anyone! Even if you arn't single you can join.

What idiot came up with this?
- My friend and i were talking about how boys sucked horribly and that we would be swearing off of boys forever. (Well she swore off them I said a week) So as a joke I decided to to make an lj community about this. Well when I started makign I was like whoa this could out! So now you know the story.

1. No bashing other members!!!
2. Keep cursing to a minimal
3. Please no stories about what you've done with other people. *shudder*
4. Please use lj cuts for long posts.
5. Respect the other members of the community.